Sunday, July 18, 2010

oh! my gmail storage limit has been reached!

Gmail offers more than 7 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments. But still this may not be enough for some people. Even after deleting the mails in trash if you have problem you need some other way.

Recently a friend informed me that his gmail inbox is full and so he is opening a new account. People suggetsted to him to have a paid account that offers more space. That is a good way for sure but isn't there a work around to keep the old mail id and also use free space?

There is.

1.Create a new gmail account.

2.Now we are going to redirect all the mails that would come to your old account to the new account.

3.To do that, log into your new account. Go to settings> Accounts and imports.

4.Click on import mails and contacts. It will open a wizard. Give your old mail id as to where they must be imported from. Of course you want the old address book, right?

5.Once this is done, you are ready.

From gmail

Once this is done, you are ready.

Now you want to set which should be the default mail id for mails sent from this account.
You can do so from the choices in that same page where now both your accounts should appear. Look at the second para.

You can also set now what should be the mail id for mails that you reply. A good choice is “reply from the same address the mail was sent to”

Open the compose window and you have the choice as to which should be the from id. Use your discretion.

From gmailhowto

1.Now you can forget about informing all your contacts about the change in mail id and avoid so much of headache.

From gmailhowto

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